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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Training and Leaving Soon!

A couple of day ago I got back from training on Coll. It was absolutely knackering, but great fun. There were, in total, around 50 volunteers on training. 24 of those are going to Guyana, the other were split between Ghana and Namibia. Project Trust training is essentially a 5 day crash course in teaching, the many readily available illnesses and health problems (think along the lines of malaria, dengue, jiggers - google it - and anything else you care to imagine) and some more information on our countries and individual projects.

Due to the Isle of Coll being in the middle of nowhere I had to get up at 4.30 to catch a 7 o'clock flight up to Glasgow the day before training began so I could get the 5.45 (IN THE MORNING) ferry to Coll from Oban on the 14th. Staying in the hostel overnight beforehand with everyone else was brilliant, as it was here that I met the majority of the other Guyana volunteers.

The days spent in the Hebridean Centre (Project Trust's base) consisted of getting up at 7.30 each day before starting our sessions at 9.00, and staying up till at least 11.00 most nights planning a lesson or 'gaffing'. The ceilidh on the last night was just as much fun as it was on selection, and this time it had the advantage of both a live band and the bar being open, so everyone had a fantastic time.

Those 5 days have made me both much more excited and apprehensive of what I have let myself in for, although I have little time for either before I leave on August 18th. 

As well as meeting all the Guyana volunteers I met Steven, my partner. He's fourth from the right in the photo below. He's a lovely guy, and I can't wait to live with him for a year!

Bring on Guyana.

The 2013/14 Guyana volunteers with Desk Officer Chris (front left)
and Doug, the previous Guyana Desk Officer

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