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Monday, 4 March 2013

More fundraising

Last Friday (1st March) I ran a murder mystery with a three course meal for 18 of my friends, raising £275 towards my total! It was great fun, even if it entailed much more planning than I had  originally presumed there would be. As the 'host', or 'events manager' I was in charge of the evening, and when you've got people trying to kill each other (rock-paper-scissors style, obviously) in three different rooms at once and a proposal then things can disintegrate slightly, but I just about managed to stay in control! In the end only one person died... I have since had requests to repeat the evening every weekend, but this (extremely) unlikely to happen.

Anyway, this, along with a £250 grant from a school fund, brings my total to nearly £2,500 - still a long way short of the total of £5,400. Although I won't meet Project Trust's deadline of £3000 by Easter, I have a wine tasting planned that will take me well past that amount some time in April.

Oh, and you might have noticed how much I like using brackets.

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